Avaya Communication

Avaya was born in 2000 when Lucent spun off Bell Labs, its original telecom hardware and software division. They needed a dramatic, global launch to introduce Avaya to the world as the inventors of platform-agnostic communications. The goal: to quickly become a go-to brand for the enterprise audience. And to convince investors to take the new stock seriously. Tom and his team created a campaign that distilled an esoteric technical story into a simple, big-picture message and benefit. Creating a unique graphic style, they brought the brand to life and showed the B2B audience how Avaya solved complex communication problems. Avaya’s VP of marketing credited the campaign’s smarts and humanity with cutting through the clutter of telecom advertising. And bridging cultural divides among millions of people in over 70 nations. The $20M campaign appeared everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to Monday Night Football, from World Cup matches to a guerilla event that owned the New York Stock Exchange. Six months after its initial stock distribution, Avaya’s share price was up more than 22%. Soon, Avaya had grown to become a Fortune 500 company with over $5 billion in sales in over 90 countries.