Janus Mutual Funds

In the complicated and stuffy world of mutual fund investing, Janus is an anomaly. For over 10 years, Tom and his partners helped Janus invent and nurture their brand story about the intensive research process that unearths the companies behind the stocks. With smart, common-sense copy and bold, graphic imagery, they’ve extended the message to TV, print, web, outdoor, sponsorships, corporate communications, even coffee cups and screen savers. Because the brand’s voice and message have remained unique, clear and strong, it helped Janus survive in the bear markets and soar in the bull markets (not to mention outlast half a dozen CEOs.) In the campaign’s initial years, Janus’s assets under management increased from $15 billion to $300 billion, catapulting them to the #3 fund company globally. Over the years, as Janus has shifted it’s business model, target and focus, the core tone and style of the campaign and the brand have remained a constant. Janus continues to rank in the top tier of the Wall Street Journal’s most recognized US mutual fund brands.