Mindjet Business Software

Mindjet is a global software company that makes two primary products: MindManager (mind mapping software for individuals) and SpigitEngage (a SaaS platform for enterprises.) Mindjet uses various marketing tools to create campaigns that connect with the target for each product at all stages of the buying cycles. Tom leads the creative team to orchestrate an ecosystem of tactical communications & branding tools – from the creation of new corporate and product logos, to product and customer videos, to direct mail and email campaigns, to white papers and infographics. He even helped lead the creation of a series of playful wall murals for the Mindjet offices in San Francisco.

Tom works closely with stakeholders from many
departments including sales, field marketing, product development and international. His demand generation work has produced particularly successful results. Promotion and drip-nurture email campaigns for MindManager have generated open rates as high as 18% and frequently click thru rates from 1-3%. For SpigitEngage, direct mail has proven a valuable tool to help start conversations with the hard-to-reach target of technology and innovation executives. One campaign achieved unprecedented results: a remote-controlled, scale model drone was sent out with an introduction letter and, as simple as it sounds, it added 400% more sales qualified leads to the pipeline and generated a 200% increase in sales accepted leads than any other single marketing effort.

Tom's team also writes and designs long-format thought leadership pieces that are used as comprehensive core content and then additionally reformatted into smaller individual pieces that are promoted across all marketing channels. One flagship item is a digital magazine called Innovation Quarterly (INQ.) It's a glossy-style, design-forward publication reporting on the news, trends, events and successes of the industry in general – and SpigitEngage customers in specific. After its initial publication each quarter, the content is then repurposed as blog posts, landing pages, PR, slideshows, etc.